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ONS Energy Agenda


In this podcast we invite in the great minds, technologist, analysts and thought leaders of an industry higher on the agenda than ever.

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Latest episodes

December 14, 2023

The Geopolitical Implications on the Energy Transition

Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, Columbia- SIPA Center of Global Energy policy & Eirik Wærness, SVP and Chief Economist, Equinor

Dive into the latest ONS Energy Talks podcast discussing Geopolitics & Cleaner Energy!  

Here are a few eye-opening highlights:

- Insights from Experts: Dr. Tatiana Mitrova & Eirik Wærness dissect geopolitics' impact on the energy sector.
- From Russia to Shadow Markets: Learn about disruptions in energy trades and the pressing need for transparency.
- Importance of Global Cooperation: Explore the pivotal role of collaboration in fostering a successful energy transition.
- Actionable Steps & Urgency: Discover the podcast's emphasis on practical measures, renewable energy, and overcoming global challenges.

Don't miss out on these insightful discussions shaping a sustainable energy future!

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August 8, 2023

CCS: Do we have the right business models to make it work?

How do we scale up and make CCS a viable alternative to reduce emissions? Three guests share insight from different points of view.

In the studio: Alexander Engh, Deputy Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Vetle Houg, Head of Sustainability at Heidelberg Cement in Northern Europe and Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø, VP and Head of CCS at Altera Infrastructure.

Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communication Director, ONS.

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June 21, 2023

Hydrogen +Renewables = Match Made in Heaven

Is hydrogen the perfect match for intermittent renewable power?

Hear Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson (EV, Vergia) and Holger Matthiesen (SVP, Mainstream Renewable Power) discuss how hydrogen and offshore wind can work together.

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June 14, 2023

Breaking down the silos in the energy sector

Hear Alfredo Parres in Hitachi Energy and Morten Halleraker from Norsk Hydro discuss and share from their careers spanning across different types of energy.

This episode of ONS Energy Talk was recorded at the Net Zero Markets Kick Off in Stavanger. ONS Net Zero Markets is a unique full-year network and an ONS conference arena explaining, exhibiting and connecting people and companies across low-carbon and renewable energy.

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May 4, 2023

Has Europe built an energy fortress?

How does the European energy market look form Asia, and do the Europeans tend to forget how significant and big the Asian markets and energy sector really is?

ONS is proud to present a brand new Energy Talk with Indian thought leader Narendra Taneja.

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