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ONS Energy Agenda

Listen & Learn

The Energy Agenda is a hub for energy, technology and innovation. In this section you will find articles, videos, blogs, podcasts and reports featuring a number of top experts and leaders within the energy industry.


A biannual report addressing global energy issues and presenting challenges and potential responses in an objective way. The aim is not to reach conclusions, but to address the key global energy questions which frame the daily debates. The official pre-read to ONS.

Blog & Articles

The energy industry is constantly changing, and we are lucky to have energy experts contributing throughout the year wiith analysis, reflections and other relevant energy content. Be inspired, learn something new, and get your update here.


Join us as we bring experts together from all walks of energy for conversations, discussions and insight. The ONS Energy Talks podcast hosts great minds, technologist, analysts and thought leaders of an industry higher on the agenda than ever.