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Conference venues

At ONS we take pride in offering insight and knowledge about energy from all perspectives and angles. From the high-level strategic views and trends, to the technical gadgets, or how your local community is affected by the major policies.

Below you find the overview of all ONS conference venues, you have open access to most of them with your exhibition ticket*.

The ONS Conference

Our conference is a world leading venue for discussions on energy, technology and innovation. ONS is where the international leading voices meet to discuss the trends influencing the energy industry.

Learn more here.

  • The big questions addressed and debated
  • Brings together ministers, managers, technical specialists and analysts
  • but make no mistake, the topics are valuable to everyone who wants to know what is going on in the energy industry
  • Plenary and parallel sessions

Our conference is a world leading venue for discussions on energy, technology and innovation. ONS is where the international leading voices meet to discuss the trends influencing the energy industry.
* Separate ticket

List of previous speakers at ONS

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Net Zero Markets

We see new energy actors and industries built on the shoulders of the old ones, and brand-new ones coming in from other industries.  We aim to create an arena where it is down-to-business for projects, opportunities and industry experts within renewable energy and low carbon solutions.

The leading venue for business opportunities and updated market perspectives in the net zero and low carbon sphere.


Key leaders from the energy industry, politics and civil society meet for off-the-record discussions on global energy trends, their geopolitical implications and the challenges this pose to states, energy companies and technology providers.

  • Decision makers who influence the energy future
  • Geopolitical debates on energy and environmental issues
  • Cooperation between the leaders in the energy world

The Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC) is a strategic partner of the ONS Foundation, and together we facilitate a round table discussion on energy markets, energy security challenges and the current geopolitics of energy.

Participation at the ONS Summit is by invitation only.

Technical Sessions

A unique arena where the challenges find solutions, knowledge finds a home and experts find each other! The Technical Sessions are not just about the nuts and bolts, bits and algorithms, but also the joy of discovery, the power of innovation and the feel-good factor that comes with making a difference through technology.  

  • Solutions to oil and gas challenges
  • Transition to a net zero society
  • Digitalisation and cyber security
  • Tech talks where insightful conversations meet feel-good vibes

International Markets

How to succeed in International Markets? Meet key people from the operators and industry seniors, introducing you to business opportunities and challenges in each market. In cooperation with and presented by NORWEP.

*Separate ticket

  • Insight into specific markets
  • Country sessions
  • Workshops with clients
  • Access to key players from each market
  • Hear from NORWEP’s local Energy Advisors and Directors on how to do business, local requirements and strategies.

Centre Court

A vibrant conference venue in the middle of the Exhibition. Short and focused talks on the future societies and energy solutions.

  • Wide range of interesting topics
  • High level speakers
  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Free entrance for all visitors of the exhibition

We give the floor to industry leaders and representatives, entrepreneurs, experts, environmental agencies and policy makers, facilitating an open discussion on the most relevant issues.

The programme is developed in close co-operation with the ONS Energy Society Committee.

ONS Young

New location for ONS 2024!

An extensive full-week programme made for and by young people. Different events for different target groups; middle school, high school, university students, young professionals and teachers.

  • Let the young voices be heard! We need to be honest and build trust to move forward. That is why we utilize a broad network of youngsters in our planning and in our content
  • Promoting possibilities on how to join the green transition in the energy industry
  • Providing confidence in the young participants existing skills and the opportunities to socialize in a networking arena.


Interested in politics, economy, climate debates and society in general?

ONS + brings some of the hottest topics and we aim to create a social and interesting arena for a broad energy industry.

We guarantee high quality debates and new perspectives from industry leaders, influencers and politicians in an informal setting


The number one place where start-ups & scale-ups in the energy sector go to network for their next fundraise, sign their next major client, recruit their future employees, and discover their next strategic partners.

Going on 48 years, ONS has focused on new technology & innovation in the energy sector. Now, we are expanding the platform and bringing together even more of the innovators, technologists, and economists who are shaping the next generation super-growth companies within energy, robotics & automation.

ONS aims to create a meeting place where scale-ups can:

  • Get one-on-one sit downs with CVC and VCs.
  • Be seen by hundreds of investors, corporations and influential innovators.
  • Leads and sales – connect with new customers in an informal way.
  • Recruitment – find your new co-founder, CTO or tech talent.

The ONS Area

The ONS area consists of 9 exhibition halls and 9 conference venues, filled with exhibitors and presentations representing all energy forms. Our popular networking arena, ONS+ is free and open to everyone - located downtown Stavanger.

Remember with your exhibition ticket you get free access to Centre Court, Technical Sessions, Net Zero Markets, Young and Scale-Ups.

In addition we have ONS+ downtown, open and free for all.