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All you need to know

Visitor information

Welcome to ONS 2024: 26 - 29 August!

Every other year we welcome thousands of exhibitors, delegates and people interested in the energy industry to Stavanger. We have two main locations, the ONS Venue at Stavanger Forum and ONS+, the debate and social arena downtown.  This page will be updated continuously as we are getting closer to the main event.

Monday 26 August:09.30 – 17.30
Tuesday 27 August:09.30 – 17.30
Wednesday 28 August:09.30 – 17.30
Thursday 29 August:09.30 – 15.00
Opening hours ONS venue
Monday 26 August:17.00 – midnight
Tuesday 27 August:17.00 – midnight
Wednesday 28 August:17.00 – midnight
Opening hours ONS+

ONS Venue:
Exhibition and Conference
Stavanger Forum
Gunnar Warebergsgate 13
4021 Stavanger

ONS Office:
Haakon VIIs gate no 8,
4005 Stavanger
11th floor

Postal address:
Offshore Northern Seas Foundation
P O Box 188
NO – 4001
Stavanger, Norway

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Welcome to Stavanger

The Stavanger region is Norway’s third largest conurbation with a population of about 470 000 inhabitants. The city itself has a population of 132 000.The Greater Stavanger region hosts a versatile and dynamic business community known for its innovation and high levels of wealth generation. An international focus combined with active business networking all contribute towards the region’s economic growth and future prosperity.

During the 1960s, exploration drilling for oil in the North Sea changed Stavanger dramatically. The city is located close to the North Sea and its excellent harbour, combined with airline connections, made it well-placed to take advantage of the increase in activity.Following the rise during the mid 1970s of oil and gas exploration and production as Stavanger’s most important industrial sector, the business and cultural climate altered considerably.Equinor is the largest oil company in the Stavanger region and has its corporate headquarters located in Forus, a suburb lying between the neighbouring cities of Sandnes and Stavanger

Norway’s most productive region
Stavanger is well known for its large oil and gas sector, as well as a hub for many energy companies.The Stavanger region has for years been Norway’s most successful economic region. Business enterprises are characterised not only by rapid growth but also by their greater profitability.Stavanger’s success in the competitive global market place is perhaps its most distinguishing attribute. The business community has a well-honed sensitivity to global economic fluctuations and has proven to be highly adaptable.

ONS Meeting Zones - No need to travel off-site for meetings.

Located throughout the area there will be meeting zones, so plan your meetings on-site or take Teams meeting in one of the quieter zones. Here you will find working stations, so just bring your device, and there will be power outlets and network cables available. You will find ONS Deli, if you should need refreshments, coffee, or a meal for your meeting. No booking first come-first served principle.

  • Shuttle buses – free of charge
    Shuttle buses run between the hotels and the ONS venue frequently.
    Time table TBA

    Local bus routes
    Many of the green “Kolumbus” buses in Stavanger go past the ONS Venue and stop at ONS+ in Stavanger harbour.
    Information TBA

Airport buses

  • The regular airport bus will drop off passengers outside Hall 9. Passengers for the airport will be picked up from the bus stop on the main road, Madlaveien.

The taxi rank is outside Halls 2 and 10.

  • Stavanger Taxi         +47 51 90 90 90
  • Sandnes Taxi            +47 07000
  • Norgestaxi Stavanger +47 08000

Timetables - free shuttle buses (ONS 2022)


A good night’s sleep is essential if you’ve got busy days at ONS ahead. ONS reserves a number of hotel rooms that our guests can book through us. These are offered when you buy a Full Week Conference Pass here at the website. (On a first come-first served basis, until we are sold out).
The pricing and terms are determined by the respective hotels, with a minimum stay requirement of 2 nights.

Exhibitors receive separate information about accommodation and can book hotel rooms when logged on to Exhibitor’s Space.

For ONS 2024 there will be no private house accommodation organised by ONS. We encourage you to check out alternative rental options and apartments through other 3rd party providers or contact the Hotels directly.
AirBnB, or - Privat home rentals

Exhibitor service
Practical information for exhibitors:
HSE, rigging times, stand application etc.
+47 51 59 81 60

Human Dignity

The ONS Foundation cares about human dignity. The purchase of sex is a form of sexualized violence in that it exploits other people’s vulnerability. It is thus a criminal act under Norwegian Law, punishable with fines and/or imprisonment. We appeal to all our guest to refrain from the purchase of sex.