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ONS Conference

Welcome to a global energy forum where we ask the important questions on energy, security, finance and policy. The ONS Conference gathers world-leading experts, business leaders and decision-makers to discuss the trends, the strategies and leadership questions needed to make progress and progress towards a new energy future.

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Challenge and inspire

The ONS Conference is a world leading venue for discussions on energy, technology and innovation.

Join us as we take on the big questions:

- Geopolitics, climate and energy security
- Global leadership
- The balancing act of the energy markets
- Energy transition
- Technology
- Innovation
- Finance
+ much more

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What to expect

The ONS Conference spans over three days, and starts with an Opening Ceremony, followed by plenary sessions.

In 2022 the Conference was sold out weeks in advance.

We aim to be in the forefront discussing the issues influencing the energy future, with topics ranging from climate, energy markets, energy transition, geopolitics, leadership, natural resources, innovation, technology and finance. 

The Conference programme is developed in close co-operation with the ONS Conference Committee. The committee consists of more than 30 senior executives from across the energy industry.

Expect the unexpected

Energy connects us all, whether we work with oil, solar panels, or plug our laptop into the socket. At ONS we bring unexpected voices to the stage to challenge, and inspire. Food, health and energy all affect each other, and we aim to expand the view and connect the decision-makers to drive the energy transition in a sustainable and just way for the world.

Fertilizer and energy - inspiration from ONS 2022

Why do food and fertilizer have a place at ONS?

At ONS we were challenged by Alzbeta Klein from the International Fertilizer Association. The war in Ukraine, and energy security have shown the world really how close enegry, food and security are connected.

At ONS you can expect the programme to expand your view and bring new perspectives.

ONS Summit

ONS Summit is a forum where top government leaders, thinkers and senior executives discuss geopolitical energy and environmental issues under the Chatham House Rule.

Discussions on global energy trends, their geopolitical implications and the challenges this pose to nations, people, energy companies and technology providers. 

- Decision makers who influence the energy future
- Geopolitical debates on energy and environmental issues
- Cooperation between the leaders in the energy world

Collaboration with the Munich Security Conference

The Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC) is a strategic partner of the ONS Foundation, and together we facilitate a round table discussion on energy markets, energy security challenges and the current geopolitics of energy.


Participation at the ONS Summit is by invitation only.

Jason Bordoff at the ONS Summit 2022
Fatih Birol at The ONS Summit 2022

Royal Patronage

We are honoured to be under patronage by the Norwegian Royal Family. As a result a member of the Royal Family has opened ONS and the Conference since its beginning.

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