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We are truly excited about our dedicated meeting place for Scale-Ups in the energy industry. We gather innovators, technologists, and VC’s that shape the next generation super-growth companies within energy.

Our ambition is to provide the #1 place where start-ups & scale-ups in the energy sector go to network for the next fundraise, sign the next major client, recruit future employees, and discover their next strategic partners. The venue will provide a unique opportunity to meet the more than 70,000 people from the energy value chain, that visit ONS every other year.

AT ONS Scale-ups you will have the unique opportunity to meet energy companies, both operators and suppliers, digital frontrunners, logistics companies and others from the broader energy industry.

Apply for a company station at the ONS-Scale-ups area

Why should I come?

  • Showcase your company
  • Network and find new customers and clients
  • Interact with the energy industry and world leading investment companies
  • Be inspired by engaging talks and discussions
  • Get the latest updates and join discussions on the energy agenda
  • Special venue rates for Scale-ups
  • Apply NOW – limited exhibition space

About ONS Scale-Ups

The Scale-Ups venue is located in Hall 4, next to our Net Zero Markets venue. It is a unique place to network, learn and discover new collaborations. We invite you to a dedicated conference stage for growth companies to meet, network and pitch their ideas for further investment from the finance and energy industry.

It is all a part of the greater ONS venue with several exhibition halls, conference venues covering energy and societal issues, net zero market opportunities and the bigger global trends.

This gives you unique access to not only the companies directly present at the Scale-ups venue, but also the additional hundreds of companies at ONS.

To access the Scale-Ups you need an exhibition ticket.

For any questions contact Cato Meling:

Cato Meling
Project Manager
+47 48 07 59 02

A selection of companies present at ONS

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