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Net Zero Markets

The leading global meeting place for updates on Net Zero Markets business opportunities, market perspectives, technology and innovation.

On the road to the net-zero society we will need a whole range of different technologies and solutions. Both renewable energy, powerful energy carriers and storage solutions such as hydrogen and batteries in addition to carbon capture and storage, will be crucial.  

We will:
- Show how renewable- and low carbon solutions together can enable a Net Zero future
- Present business opportunities in low- and zero-emission energy markets in a global perspective
- Facilitate networking opportunities for delegates working within the low carbon and renewables industries 

Net Zero Markets was launched  for the first time at ONS 2022, with:
- 280 speakers from 20 Countries
- 193 companies/ organisations represented
- 2400 delegates visiting

See programme ONS 2022

The Net Zero Markets programme will take place throughout the ONS week, from Monday through Thursday with exciting topics, speakers, industry presentations and debates.

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Programme for
Net Zero Markets

The unique set-up of the Net Zero Markets stages within Hall 4 will create a dynamic atmosphere, and create room for networking, shorter sessions and relevant people. In addition to the three dedicated Net Zero Markets stages, Hall 4 also include ONS Scale-Ups - a unique venue for newer companies scaling up in the energy transition. Here you will meet investors, new technology, established technology in new wrapping and people eager to collaborate.

The programme work is underway and you will find more about the core areas below. The complete programme will be launched spring of 2024.

The 5 core areas of Net Zero Markets

All stages and venues at ONS will focus on the energy transition and different types of technology and low emissions energy. But at Net Zero Markets we take it one step further.

To provide you with the best insight, business opportunities and knowledge we are working with energy experts in our committees on hydrogen, CCUS, offshore wind, solar energy and battery.

Offshore wind

Offshore wind is on the rise, and with great expectations across the North Sea and globally. At ONS we explore offshore wind on its own, but also in connection with other industry sectors and energy carriers.

CCUS - carbon capture, usage, and storage

Carbon capture, usage and storage can play a crucial part in reducing emissions, and with the Norwegian Longship project the North Sea is truly emerging as a laboratory for a full- and large-scale value and supply chain. We look at the synergies with other energy projects and initiatives, and dive deeper into specific and sanctioned projects underway.

Batteries/energy storage

Both on ships, in electric vehicles and as the trusted supplier of energy security from wind and other renewables – batteries and other types of energy storage will ensure reliability of renewable energy supply. At ONS we dive deeper into how we secure raw materials, competence and other resources, and how we collaborate with intermittent energy sources in need of storage.


Hydrogen - the powerful energy carrier that only emits water when combusted. Too good to be true, or a key element for the energy transition? At ONS we see hydrogen as a part of the bigger picture, and explore where it has the best potential to make a true difference.

Solar energy

Solar energy is not only unique in its very accessible technology, but the larger energy industry has also started to embrace the possibilities solar energy can provide offshore, in construction and as a major part of the net zero reality. Join us as we look at where solar power fits in with other solutions, and where it is best playing the solo role.

Even though ONS has defined these five core areas, the programme overall will range across several other opportunities and perspectives. Throughout our other conference venues we will explore further the societal impact, technology, global energy security or the young perspectives.

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