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Committees & Network


240 international energy experts from 14 countries are working to shape a world class programme for ONS 2024.

The committees are representing a historically broad energy sector to reinforce ONS` ambition to play an active role in achieving a low carbon future.

ONS 2024 Committees and their energy experts

– ONS has a long tradition in attracting key people from the energy industry to carve out the best possible programme. Almost 50% of the 11 committees for next year`s ONS represents renewable and low carbon energy solutions, says Leif Johan Sevland, President and CEO of ONS Foundation.

Committees for ONS 2024
  • Conference
  • Communication
  • Technical
  • Energy Society
  • Scale-ups
  • Young
  • Offshore Wind
  • Battery
  • Solar Energy
  • CCUS
  • Hydrogen
  • Innovation jury