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Privacy Policy

  1. Responsibility
    The Offshore Northern Seas Foundation (ONS), Org. No.  969939851 represented by the chair of the board Tor Erling Arnesen, is responsible for its processing of personal data.Please address any questions about ONS’ processing of personal data to us.We process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and current legislation.  This privacy policy explains which personal data we process and how we process it.
  2. Contact
    The ONS contact person for privacy matters is Jon Are Rørtveit
    Haakon Viis Gate 8, 4005 Stavanger.
    Phone: 51 84 90 40
  3. Whose personal data do we process?
    At ONS, we process personal data about employees, job seekers, customers, potential customers, speakers and the contact persons of suppliers and partners.
  4. How we process personal data.4.1 Job seekers
    We need to use information to evaluate applications sent to us by job seekers.  If you wish to apply for a job with us, please send us your name, certificates and diplomas, CV and references and other information you consider relevant for us to assess your application.  If you are invited for an interview, we will ask you questions to decide whether you are suitable for the job.  We will also ask your previous employers to assess your suitability. The information we have on job seekers is stored in a locked folder.  We only use this information to evaluate applicants in connection with our recruitment process.  The heads of administration and recruitment have access to this data.  It is stored for 12 months in case it is needed for future appointments.4.2 Contact persons of suppliers and partners
    We need to maintain contact with our suppliers and partners to follow up on agreements or new offers.  For that reason, we store names, phone numbers, email addresses and employers.  We store this data electronically and use it to contact business clients or suppliers to follow up on cases, offers, orders and invoicing, and to send newsletters and invitations to courses.  ONS employees will have access to the contact details in our system.  We do not disclose this unless asked to do so by the contact person for marketing purposes.
  5. 4.3 Our newsletter
    If you receive our newsletter, we store your email address in the MailChimp newsletter service. Here, processing is based on a balance of interests. We use the mailing list to inform about events, talks, concerts and other activities related to ONS. The purpose of the processing is marketing to potential customers.In all our newsletters, it is easy to unsubscribe. If you would like to unsubscribe now, please click here. The information we have stored about you (only email address) will then be deleted. In order to receive newsletters after we have deleted your email address from the list, you will have to sign up yourself on our website.
  6. 4.4 Customers
    We process personal data about customers to follow up on agreements, send invoices and invite customers back to the next ONS. This data is collected when customers register for exhibition space at ONS. Customer data is stored in our CRM system. We store the customer’s name, phone number, invoice address, email address and workplace. Our processing is limited to data relevant to fulfilling the agreement. The purpose is to manage the customer relationship to provide a suitable offer to the customer.
  7. 4.5 Speakers
    In connection with our conference programme, we store the contact details of previous, current and potential speakers. This is to enable us to communicate with our speakers and develop the conference programme. We do this by keeping a record of all the talks and presentations held at ONS.
  8. 4.6 Social Media
    By using cookies from Facebook and LinkedIn we can reach our visitors with advertisements base don their behaviour (i.e. if they have visited a given page). We will also get insight into demographic data from visitors to our webpage and statistics of webpage usage and logged in units. We also get measured advertisement results with cookies from social media channels. Information stored by Facebook and LinkedIn will be stored by Facebook and LinkedIn.
  9. 4.7 Google Analytics
    Our website uses cookies to map visitors and their use. We do this to personalize and make our site as relevant to our visitors as possible. The cookies do not contain personal information that we store locally. You can even prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by changing your browser settings. We use Google Analytics to find out which pages on are of most interest to you as well as pages that are irrelevant. Google Analytics sends your browser a cookie that starts with “_ga”. Along with statistics on how to use our site, we send an anonymous IP address that cannot be traced to you.Many websites use Google Analytics to find the same thing as us. If you find it wrong, there are many ways to prevent them from doing so (including our site), including using Google’s own tool.

5. Who ONS shares your data with

ONS has various service providers with whom it is necessary to share certain personal data in order for them to be able to deliver their services to us. These will typically be suppliers we use in (i) our daily operation of customer service and administration, (ii) handling of our technical infrastructure that ONS needs to deliver its services, (iii) assistance to protect and secure our systems and services.

All service providers who process personal data on behalf of ONS must enter into a data processing agreement that limits the processing of the personal data, as well as specifying specifically what, how, why and for how long the personal data can be processed.

Especially regarding transfer of data outside the EU/EEA

ONS uses the suppliers that we believe deliver the best quality for us and our users. This may mean that in some cases we have to share data with partners who are located outside the EU/EEA. Before such a transfer of personal data takes place, ONS will ensure that the place where the recipient is located either (i) has such satisfactory rules for the protection of personal data that it is equated with the GDPR, or (ii) bases our transfer on the EU’s standard contract clauses and makes necessary additional measures and safeguards to ensure that the protection of your personal data is in line with the privacy regulations.

6. ONS Innovation Award Portal
ONS promotes new and groundbreaking technologies and presents two awards in this category; the ONS Innovation Award and the ONS SME Innovation Award.
In order to facilitate reception and evaluation of the applications to the two awards, ONS has elaborated an online Innovation Portal.
The Innovation Portal opens in spring before every ONS event and is closed just after the event has taken place.
The Innovation Award jury and the ONS Administration need to use information to evaluate the applications to the Innovation Awards.  If you wish to apply for the awards you must create a user and sign into the portal.
We ask you to give us your name, contact details, name of the company you represent, name and description of your innovation. All data in the Innovation Award portal will be deleted after the ONS event has taken place.

7. Deletion
We store your personal data as long as necessary for the purpose for which the data was collected.

8. Your rights
You may contact us at any time to find out if we are processing personal data about you. If we are, we can provide you with information about either the data or the processing, or provide you with the data itself if you wish. If ONS processes data about you that is inaccurate, incomplete or that we are not permitted to process, we will delete or correct any inaccurate information if you require us to do so. However, we want to make sure that we only provide access to your personal data to you yourself (not to someone pretending to be you), so we will ask you to confirm your identity or provide additional information before we allow you to access or update your personal data.If processing was based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent if you do not want the processing to continue. You can read more about your rights on the website of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority: