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Debate application

Any company, NGO, or other organisation that wants to have a voice in the wider energy debate or have new ways of thinking about energy. This could be young, old, idealist or hard-core capitalist, academia and research institutions alike. We want to make the debate arena as broad as possible as long as it is tied to energy in society

Application form

- You must plan the content and organise panelists
- Together with partners or on your own
- Length should not exceed 45 min (ONS timeslot 1,5h)
- Cover the cost of NOK 13 000 for basic sound equipment
- More technical equipment ordered through our provider

Application deadline: 1 June
After 1 June an additional sign-up fee of NOK 5000
Application portal closes: 1 August

Interested in hosting more than one debate? Please wait until you have received the confirmation email, before submitting a new application.