A dream career? Thomas Bognø has one.

Thomas Bognø has had a steep career rise in the oil company Total. He started at Total E&P Norge after graduation, and today, only twelve years later, he holds a leading position in the Geosciences Department. At ONS Young he will talk about how this was possible.

It is the scenario all graduates dream of and plan: I start in a big company, get a lot of experience and knowledge, rise in the ranks – and become a manager. This actually happens to very few people, but that’s exactly what happened to Thomas Bognø.

“At ONS I’d like to explain how, with a relatively narrow and specific research background (a PhD in Physics), I’ve been moving around in the petroleum industry and how new paths are always opening up in this kind of industry,” says Bognø.

From graduate to manager
He joined Total after graduation, and got a job as a reservoir engineer, managing a large and diverse portfolio of non-operated assets. This immediately gave him valuable exposure to a wide variety of the main challenges that the petroleum industry is facing today, in both green and brown fields.

This was followed by 6 years of expatriation in France and Angola, where he worked as a reservoir engineer and later as a manager for two of the Total Group’s biggest deep offshore developments in Angola. With all this experience he returned to Total E&P Norge and is now the Geoscience Manager for Operated Fields and Discoveries, where one of the main tasks is preparing the Martin Linge Development for production.

Hear his story on University Day
At ONS Young, Thomas Bognø will speak on University Day, 26 August.

“I want to stress that as long as you have a good understanding of the fundamentals, anything is possible – it’s important to find an employer who will hire you for what you can become – not for what you are,” he says.

See video of Thomas Bognø at Total E&P Norge’s website.