Young Innovation Camp

The energy industry is full of challenges. Young people are full of solutions. At Young Innovation Camp 9th graders from secondary school in the Stavanger-region are invited to solve relevant problems for the energy industry, and in this way increase their interest in science.

Let's innovate!

Young Innovation Camp 2018 is held in partnership with Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Norway and Lyse.

9th graders in secondary school in the Stavanger-region are invited to solve a real problem for Lyse. The pupils will in groups of five work on a solution to the problem and a presentation of their idea. Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Norway and Lyse will select the groups with the best solutions.

The selected groups are invited to the Young Innovation Camp Finale at ONS 2018 Thursday 30 August. The groups will be given time to further develop and/or improve their idea. At the end of the day the groups will present their solution in front of a jury, which will select a winning group.

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Young Innovation Camp 2018

When: Thursday 30 August 2018, 09:00 – 14:30
Where: Clarion Hotel Energy
What: A science competition between 9th graders focusing on energy and innovation
Who: 9th graders in secondary school in the Stavanger-region
Why: The goal is to increase the students’ interest in the energy industry and natural science


Partners Young Innovation Camp 2018: