You are the next game changers. Imagine that!

It’s really quite obvious: tomorrow’s leaders are young people today. That’s why it’s vital for the entire industry to make sure the brightest minds choose a career in oil and gas. And if you are wondering: Yes, there still is a future in energy.

The oil and gas industry is in a constant state of development. New forms of energy require new technologies. Demands for cost reduction lead to new solutions. World energy consumption is increasing with greater competition for resources. How can we provide enough energy to the people of the world without damaging the environment?

The industry needs young energy
In order to solve these challenges, the industry needs young people with fresh approaches and a sharp, critical eye on established practices. What the industry needs is quite simply new energy, in the form of young people.

The idea behind ONS Young is to

    • Show and promote the diversity of the energy industry
    • Create an important meeting place for the next generation in the industry
    • Inspire young people to choose an education within science
    • Promote career opportunities in the energy industry
    • Give the young professionals in the industry a valuable network arena

For many young people ONS is their first meeting with a new employer, or their next step in an oil and gas education.

We hope to see you at ONS Young!

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Young Professionals’ Arena

The perfect place to kick-start your career – or take it to the next level. We know the importance of good professional relationships. At this conference arena you’ll get a chance to expand your network, and learn how to use it.

  • The event is for young professionals under the age of 35

If you are young and at the beginning of your exciting career path, this is the place to meet like-minded young professionals from national and international companies. Use the opportunity to establish ties with people you could be cooperating with in the future, and learn from inspirational speakers.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the climate perfect for networking. Our lounge in the Young arena is a place to connect and chat – while enjoying music and food.

University Day

The oil and energy industry offers endless possibilities all around the globe. At University Day, we have gathered talented speakers with valuable input to your future career choice.

  • Students of higher education

The oil and energy industry needs young people from every educational background, and we believe young people need information about all the exiting opportunities the industry has to offer.

Tomorrows leaders and innovators are young students today. In order to provide energy to a growing world population, the industry needs young, talented minds with fresh approaches and a sharp, critical eye on established practices.

Learn about the diversity of the energy industry and career opportunities, get valuable insight from industry experts and meet HR professionals and other company representatives from the ONS Young Partners.

Teachers’ Classroom

At Teachers’ Classroom you’ll get relevant information about the industry and the future of energy. Young professionals will share their stories, and the educational journey that led them into the industry.

  • Teachers, advisers and principals from lower and upper secondary schools

Whether you are a teacher, adviser or principal at lower or upper secondary school in Rogaland – we believe you will benefit from learning more about the oil and energy industry.

The oil and energy industry need young people from every educational background. Our hope is to teach you as an educator about the various opportunities in the energy industry, so you are better equipped to provide pupils with accurate information when offering study and career guidance.

Future Students' Days

At Future Students’ Days, professionals in the industry explain why they chose a career in oil and energy. Our goal with the event is to provide relevant information about the industry and to give students in upper secondary school a fun and interesting day at ONS!

  • Students at upper secondary school

We want students at upper secondary school to know the endless opportunities in the oil and energy industry, so they can make an informed decision about their future career choice.

Young Innovation Camp

The energy industry is full of challenges. Young people are full of solutions.

  • 9th graders in secondary school in the Stavanger-region

The pupils will in groups of five work on a solution to the problem and a presentation of their idea. A jury will select the groups with the best solutions.

The selected groups are invited to the Young Innovation Camp Finale at ONS. The groups will be given time to further develop and/or improve their idea. At the end of the day the groups will present their solution in front of a jury, which will select a winning group.

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