ONS Students

We cordially invite students and upper secondary school pupils to come and visit ONS. The tailor-made arrangements “University Day” and “Future Students’ Days” are especially aimed at young people at different stages of their education. Of course, entry is free of charge for students.

Future Students' Days

Target group: Norwegian: videregående skoler (16-18 years).
What: Exciting presentations by experts in the relevant professional field.
Why: We at ONS feel it is important to concentrate on this age group because they are facing choices about what to do after secondary school. The objective of the Future Students’ Days is to introduce pupils to the exciting career opportunities available in the oil and gas industry.

University Day

Target group: Students of higher education
What: Exciting presentations by experts who talk about their path from student to young professional and reveal how interesting this industry is.
Why: This event aims to demonstrate what can be expected of students when they graduate and to provide opportunities for them to establish contacts in the industry. It is the perfect opportunity for students to meet their future employer or arrange work experience in a company.