The future is now!

Exciting news! We’ve finalised our sessions, and now we’re delighted to share our Centre Court conference programme.

How will we live our lives in the future? How will we produce and consume energy? How will we be powered – given a backdrop where the world’s population is increasing; technologies and costs are improving and the need for affordable and sustainable energy solutions are critical?

At the ONS Centre Court 2018 we will shed light on energy in future societies and the current energy transition. The future is now, and we look forward to welcoming you to “The Future Society Lab”.

Leif Johan Sevland, ONS

“We think it is important to increase the focus on the entire energy mix and energy efficiency in order to secure our role as the world’s leading energy meeting place. Our aim is to be a venue known to promote the importance of a greener energy development both within and outside the petroleum industry,” says President and CEO of ONS, Leif Johan Sevland.

Energy impacts society as a whole

The global energy landscape is changing – fundamentally and quickly – due to several factors: volatility in energy markets, radical and disruptive technology innovations, environmental demands and a need for a sustainable and profitable industry. Further, transparency and accountability are becoming key features as businesses, customers and consumers become more discerning in their choice of energy.

At the same time, urban populations are growing rapidly and efforts to electrify as many energy users as possible are putting pressure on power systems. How can the energy systems for future societies be reshaped when citizens seek access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy, good mobility and clean air and water? Responding to these game-changing trends will require fundamental shifts in how businesses are run, how policies are set, and how household decisions are made.

A broad perspective on energy

To better understand global trends across the energy ecosystem we have invited the best and the brightest thinkers and practitioners on global energy issues and technologies coupled with the financial sector, environmental agencies and policy makers. At the ONS Centre Court 2018 we will envision topics such as the (green) mobility revolution, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, digital solutions, blockchain, renewable energy, sustainable solutions, cleaner oil and gas production, CCS and more – all in the context of shaping a sustainable energy landscape for future societies.

Bjørn Kj. Haugland, DNV GL

The Centre Court programme has been planned with support from the ONS Clean Energy Committee, led by Bjørn Kj. Haugland, EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL. The role of the committee is to advise on topics and speakers that meet the standards for which the ONS Centre Court is known.

“I am proud to present the ONS Centre Court Programme offering broad perspectives on a cleaner energy future, state of the art science, technologies and solutions that can inspire the audience to fast forward the energy transition,” says Bjørn Kj. Haugland.

At the Centre Court you will get your expert updates on energy related academic and political topics through the four-day programme. This includes in-depth interviews with industry leaders, lunch battles on timely and relevant issues, and more traditional sessions.

“It has been our goal to address energy in future societies and the incremental and radical innovation related to technologies, business models and thoughtful leadership needed to meet the new energy future,” Haugland says.

Access to the Centre Court is included in the ONS Exhibition ticket.