U.N. Global Compact CEO to speak at the ONS Conference

We are proud to announce that Ms.  Lise  Kingo,  CEO and Executive Director of U.N. Global Compact will speak  at the ONS Opening Ceremony Monday 27 August.

At ONS we address how the industry and society at large should meet the future energy needs in a sustainable manner. Based on this year’s ONS theme “Innovate”– speakers will address how the industry can leverage technological innovations, new business models, alternative energy sources and leadership strategies to adapt to a low carbon future.

“Saving our ocean, and indeed our planet, will require bold innovation and multi-sectoral partnerships from a critical mass of business, government and other stakeholders. What the “blue economy” needs now is a sea change”, Ms. Kingo stated in an article on Greenbiz, June 14.

Addressing the ocean challenge
On World  Oceans Day 8 June, U.N. Global Compact launched a new three-year Action Platform on  Sustainable Ocean Business. The purpose of the programme is to drive business activities and provide a roadmap for how businesses can help ensure the health of the ocean, market opportunities addressing ocean risks to contribute to sustainable development.

The United Nations has put in place a change agenda consisting of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to address major risks facing our society. Goal 14, Life Below Water, addresses the ocean challenge. In the article, Ms. Kingo states that the 2017 U.N. Global Compact Progress Report revealed that goal 14 is considered the lowest priority – as businesses believe they are unable to make a positive impact.

Can we reimagine the blue economy?
Approximately two-thirds of Norway’s export revenue originates from ocean-based industries such as the offshore oil and gas sector, aquaculture, fisheries and shipping. The oceans offer huge potential for development and it’s likely that Norway will be even more dependent on the blue economy in the future.

It’s timely to ask, how can the oil and gas industry help operationalise UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – and can companies manage to leverage ocean sustainability, by incorporating the goals into their corporate systems, policies and processes?

“… How can we reimagine the “blue economy”? And how can we leverage ocean sustainability not only to address Goal 14, but indeed  all  17 of the Global Goals?”, Ms. Kingo asks.

We look forward to hearing Ms. Lise Kingo’s perspectives at the Opening Ceremony Monday 27 August!

See the full ONS Conference programme here.