Total’s Manoelle Lepoutre is the new Chair of the ONS 2020 Conference Committee

We are proud to announce that Ms. Manoelle Lepoutre, SVP Civil Society Engagement at TOTAL S.A., will chair the ONS Conference Committee.

Ms. Lepoutre will take over from John Knight when he stands down at the end of his second period as Chair of the ONS Conference Committee.

“We are honoured that Ms. Lepoutre has accepted our request to chair the Conference Committee. ONS will continue to strengthen our position as a global meeting place for the whole energy industry. With her background from TOTAL and her experience from both exploration and sustainable development, Ms. Lepoutre has the experience to help us to develop our conference and event in the right direction,” says Leif Johan Sevland, President & CEO of ONS.

Ms. Manoelle Lepoutre has given us some reflections:

What is your impression of ONS?
– I’ve always considered the ONS Conference a premier energy industry event. For more than 40 years, it’s been a place for meetings and discussion that helps promote innovation and inspire the sector’s leaders. I’m very proud to chair the next one.

What are your expectations for the role? 
– The chair’s job is to bring together a host of stakeholders and experts who are key to the discussions taking place in the energy industry. So I view it as an ideal position to spot the trends and weak signals of an industry in the midst of many upheavals, including the shift to digital technology, the surge in electric power needs and changing business models in response to distributed production.

What do you think you can bring to the committee? 
– Perhaps most importantly, a very good overview of the industry and its challenges. Over the course of my career at Total, I’ve been lucky enough to occupy several positions, both on the front lines and in strategic management, in France and abroad. Creativity is perhaps what ties my career together, and a pioneering spirit that could be the result of my training as a geologist. Actively pursuing innovation also requires motivating and bringing people on board with you. I hope that my experience and enthusiasm will be useful to the committee.

Are there any topics that will be of importance to you? 
When I headed up Total Exploration & Production’s R&D division, I quickly came to believe that we needed to include the environment in how we envisage our businesses for the next 10 to 20 years. That’s probably what led to my appointment as Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development & Environment, then SVP Civil Society Engagement in 2016. I consider it vital for our industry to continuously improve to address today’s major societal issues: the climate of course, but also all corporate social responsibility topics. And we can’t decide what’s responsible and what isn’t on our own. It’s by listening to input from others that together we will all – civil society, institutions and business – find innovative and sustainable solutions. It will therefore be important to me that the next ONS Conference reflect this spirit of openness and dialogue.

Ms. Lepoutre is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy (ENSG) school of geology and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Pétroles et des Moteurs (ENSPM) engineering school. Ms. Lepoutre also sits on various boards of directors, including Eramet, and is a member of the National Academy of Technologies of France.
Manoelle Lepoutre was awarded the rank of Knight in the French National Order of the Legion of Honor.

At TOTAL S.A. she previously served as SVP of Sustainable Development and Environment and VP of Research & Development, Exploration and Production. Ms. Lepoutre joined Total S.A. in 1982, having held a variety of positions in the exploration and production business.