ONS 2020 underway - The committee work has started!

The committees are instrumental and key to the planning process of ONS 2020, given their role as advisory to the ONS administration.

Each project within the ONS organization has a dedicated committee. Currently, the following committees have been established to prepare for ONS 2020:

Conference Committee
Clean Energy Committee
Young Committee
International Advisory Board
Festival Committee
Communication Committee
Technical Committee

The committees are made up of a total of 100 people+ representing more than 60 companies and organizations from a cross-section of the energy industry.

With the first meeting in the ONS 2020 Conference Committee, preparations for the next conference have truly been kicked off. The overall topics and agenda for the upcoming 2020 conference were part of the discussions when the new Conference committee met on 7 February 2019.

All the hard work, the committee members´ input and efforts that go into the planning process are greatly appreciated by the ONS administration. Moreover, the committees’ engagement and dedication will be crucial in laying the grounds for another successful event in 2020.