ONS Technical Sessions – securing your next business!

The ONS Technical Sessions is the leading arena for technologists to share information, highlight innovation and gain competitive advantage through new solutions. Be part of the largest gathering of R&D stakeholders in the industry and get access to the engineers that are shaping the future!

Technical Sessions

Based on the applications ONS receive for the announced Challenges, the Technical Committee will put together a number of sessions directly related to the offshore industry on NCS and in the North Sea region.

The programme will consist of more than 170 presentations, and addresses topics like the development of fields, low-emission technologies and new technology trends that the industry can make use of. “Digitalisation” will be the common denominator throughout the sessions.

The majority of the sessions are directly focused on new technologies in the petroleum sector.

In addition to looking at solutions for the oil and gas industry, there will be sessions on new business opportunities for the offshore service and supply industry in aquaculture and civil infrastructure. These latter sessions are put together by dedicated workgroups, with special competence on the crossover between the offshore and the targeted industries.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s price for increased oil recovery – the IOR award will be awarded during the event.