The ultimate X-mas gift?

Give your company the possibility to present your expertise at ONS 2020 Technical Sessions. Don´t forget to apply.

– Before you clean your desk and head home for Christmas– make sure that you have given your company the ultimate Christmas gift – a chance to participate in the ONS2020 Technical Sessions, advices  Anne Blomberg, Project Manager at ONS and responsible for the ONS 2020 Technical Sessions.

Project manager Anne Blomberg.

Project manager Anne Blomberg.The ONS Technical Sessions is the leading arena for technologists to share information, highlight innovation and gain competitive advantage through new solutions.

– We have 23 challenges, or potential Christmas gifts, that you can apply to, Anne says.

Entire value chain
The Technical Committee has defined challenges for the entire oil & gas value chain, not only in the North Sea region, but also internationally.

– Whether your company has technical expertise within exploration, ICT, subsea technology, drilling or decommissioning, I am sure that you have a solution to one of our challenges.

Apply now
The application portal opened up on 15 November on the ONS website and the deadline for applying is 3 February 2020.

The submitted material will be used to set up the Technical Sessions programme. The companies behind the selected material will be invited to present their technology/solution.

Read more about and apply for ONS Technical Sessions here.