Subsea Technology

Challenge 15: Employing new technology in field optimization

Can new technologies, digital solutions and Smart IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) be used to reduce OPEX on Subsea Fields? And can they be shared by several companies in cooperation models?

Topics may include:

  • Infrastructure for shore-based control
  • Subsea hardware
  • Protocols/Communication
  • Subsea Power challenges
  • Subsea Drones
  • Resident ROVs
  • Automated Pigging
  • Digitalization


Challenge 16: New field development trends and production increase in existing/marginal fields to maximise value recovery. Can new innovative technology help?

Field development projects are getting more challenging due to long distances to existing infrastructure. Furthermore, productivity is reduced and hence production boosting/increase is required in existing and mature fields (minimum flow challenges).

Topics may include:

  • Long tie-backs, long distance power
  • Standardisation of SPS and SURF equipment specification
  • Standardisation and simplification of documentation
  • Overcoming minimum flow challenge

Challenge 17: New ways of collaborating on integrated subsea technology projects

New and more complex subsea technology often requires increased collaboration between operators, equipment providers, service companies and research institutes.

Topics may include:

  • Case studies on how complex collaboration has been handled
  • Partnerships between equipment providers and operators
  • Examples of how assets have been shared
  • Standardisation to allow multi-use of equipment

Challenge 18: Offshore renewable energy projects – can offshore oil&gas industry technology offer solutions they need?

More and more offshore wind and other renewable energy projects are planned and completed around the world. Offshore hydrogen generation and storage is being investigated. How can the unique set of challenges these types of projects face benefit from offshore oil and gas experience and solutions?

Topics may include:

  • Installed equipment
  • Installation equipment and methodology
  • Maintenance methodology and technology
  • Surveillance
  • Other offshore renewable technologies and their unique subsea challenges


Challenge 19: How can subsea field developments reduce their surface dependency?

More processes are moved from surface to subsea as new subsea technologies mature. There is a focus on effective use of existing and new infrastructure. We would like to receive case studies and lessons learnt within the following areas:

  • Cans for well foundation
  • Subsea Production equipment
  • Subsea Compression
  • Subsea Chemical Injection and storage
  • Subsea storage of produced fluids