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My agenda

Debatt (ENG): Academic Stand-Up - by ONS

Debatt (ENG): Academic Stand-Up - by ONS

Mon 29 Aug :





Cementen Bar, Strandkaien, Downtown Stavanger

1 scientist
1 scene
1 microphone
What`s on with the best and brightest in the academic sphere of the Stavanger region, with relevance to energy?

In turn, different researchers will present their research on topics such as:
- Tanner nerve control
- The effect of meat consumption on greenhouse gas emissions
- How to reduce CO2 emissions in the concrete industry

Dora Simon, UIS: To Beef or Not To Beef: Trade, Meat, and the Environment

Mahmoud Khalifeh, UIS: Cement & Global Warming – Geopolymers as Possible Solution

Siddharth Sareen, UIS: Tanner nerve control

Dora Marin and Tina Puntervold UiS): Subsurface utilization for energy transition

Alejandro Escalona Varela, Head of the new National Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Utilization of the Norwegian Continental Shelf NCS2030 (moderator)