Safety Luncheon with Petroleum Safety Authority

In cooperation with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), ONS invites to a Safety Luncheon that aims to apply an international perspective on health, safety and the environment, and to major accident risk.

Legacy of loss – and learning
It is 30 years since the Piper Alpha platform exploded and fell into the sea. The disaster proved highly significant for safety developments on both British and Norwegian continental shelves, and still makes its mark on the industry.

Keynote speaker Lord Cullen

How are this and other major accidents still relevant for safety work today – and tomorrow?
That is the overriding question to be raised at the 2018 Safety Lunch Tuesday 28 August, where senior Scottish judge Lord Cullen will be the keynote speaker.

Lord Cullen chaired the commission of inquiry into Piper Alpha, which worked for two years to draw up an 800-page report containing a total of 106 recommendations for improving safety on the UK continental shelf. Several of these proposals were inspired by Norwegian examples. The report led to major changes in the British safety regime.

You will also hear from PSA Director General, Anne Myhrvold. See the full programme here.