We enable companies to turn subsurface data into value by removing the limitations of traditional reservoir modelling & management.

We have a proven-track record delivering ensemble-based modelling and data
conditioning solutions, with over 100 reservoirs modelled using Resoptima’s solutions worldwide.

We focus on providing our customers with their desired outcomes and we know we are only successful when our clients are successful, and our users are happy.


ResX delivers ensemble-based modeling and data conditioning in one single step, for increased reservoir understanding and unparalleled quantification of uncertainty. Unlike other traditional, ResX simultaneously conditions the ensemble to static and dynamic data, making it truly different

Combining efficient algorithms with your subsurface know-how ResX delivers an ensemble of models that respect the most up-to-date static and dynamic measurements. This, without compromising on the reservoir physics or on the number of uncertain parameters considered.


is designed for ensembles from the ground-up, making it easy to break the habit of thinking of cases. It’s the environment required to make uncertainty centric modelling a reality. IRMA applies analytics, data exploration, machine learning and visualization techniques to enable you to easily use ensembles of models to explore the subsurface, identifying new opportunities and associated risks.

Automatically ingest and manage your ensemble data from ResX or from other ensemble sources. Coherently manage your ensembles as an integrated model of the reservoir under uncertainty. The solution to your ensembles is IRMA. Giving you the full benefits of the aggregated statistics of the models and providing specific ensemble-oriented analytics.

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