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ONS Renewable Markets

ONS 2020 will lift renewables to new heights with a brand new venue and a programme covering the complete value chain from offshore wind, solar, CCS, hydrogen and more.


Collaboration is key

With a strong focus on offshore wind, the programme for ONS Renewable Markets is being developed in collaboration with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP). In line with ONS 2020’s main theme “Together”, the Renewable Market venue seeks to enable cross-industry collaboration. Even though renewable energy is growing rapidly, technology and knowledge transfer between different industries can be the key to unlocking its full potential.


The programme will include the following sectors:

  • Offshore Wind energy: An Ocean Wind’s program focusing on industrialization and technology development
  • Hydrogen
  • Solar Energy
  • CCS
  • Battery energy

For each sector, we have gathered a group of experts, businesses and international councils to collaborate and create a relevant programme for our Renewable Markets venue.


This year, Renewable Markets will have its own venue, which includes three stages with capacity of up to 550 people. The venue will be placed in Hall 8 and runs for a four-day period.
In addition, ONS is collaborating with Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster to develop Offshore Wind Plaza in Hall 9.

ONS Centre Court

Complementing our Renewable Markets venue, ONS will explore the future of sustainable energy development at the Centre Court arena. The Centre Court programme includes 90 speakers over four days.
The energy industry is evolving, and ONS Renewable Markets is set to be a key element of that evolution. If you want to learn more about the future of renewable energy, make sure to join our ONS Renewable Markets!

Stay tuned to read the full programme for Renewable Markets – Available soon.