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As a world leading meeting place and discussion fora for the energy industry,  ONS aim to promote the entire energy mix, including renewables.

Business opportunities in offshore wind

In cooperation with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and Greater Stavanger, ONS offers a full-day seminar exploring the opportunities in the offshore wind industry for oil and gas players.

The European offshore wind industry has become competitive in its home markets – which contributes to consolidation, industrialisation and globalisation of the industry. Offshore oil and gas suppliers have been heavily engaged in developing European wind offshore and is now moving activity into expanding markets in the US, Taiwan, China, Korea, India and others.

Great improvements have been made in the field of new floating wind technology, pushing demonstration projects towards commercial projects. The offshore wind sector is expected to grow at a 15 – 20 % pace annually over the next 10 years.

The seminar will address the macro picture of offshore wind, including increase of efficiency and reduction of costs. Technology transfer from the oil and gas industry will also be an important part of the agenda.