ONS Energy Talks – Podcast with Babur Ozden and Silvija Seres

What is the division of AI tools and the humans who used to do the work? Will AI make them better or will people become less necessary? This and more is discussed in this podcast with Babur Ozden and Silvija Seres.

Hear from Babur Ozden, a keynote speaker at the ONS 2018 Conference session Energy (Science Fiction) Reality.

Babur Ozden is the Founder & CEO of Maana. Maana Knowledge Platform enables industrial companies to form a layer of digital knowledge over industrial and enterprise data to help employees make better decisions faster.

In 2017 the World Economic Forum named Maana a Technology Pioneer. The company’s strategic investors are GE Ventures, Intel Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Shell Technology Ventures, Accenture Ventures, and China International Capital Corp. Babur holds an MBA degree from Rice University and BA degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin.