ONS Concerts - ONS

ONS Concerts

The ONS concerts are popular events for the people of Stavanger and the ONS exhibitors and visitors. Every concert attracts huge crowds who come to enjoy the well-known artists on stage. And there’s always an impressive firework display to round off the final evening!

ONS 2020 concert artists: TBA - stay tuned!


Where: Downtown at Torget in Stavanger Harbour
When: Wednesday 2 September 2020
Time: TBA

The concert is free and open to everyone.



The Opening Concert

ONS hosts an opening concert with invited guests in Stavanger Concert Hall the first evening of ONS 2020.

This concert always has great music and entertainment with a mix of both new and well-established artists.

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall
When: Monday 31 August 2020
Time: 19.30