Digital panel discussion: How do we build sustainable battery ecosystems?

Join us for a panel discussion where we explore the challenges ahead for the battery industry – what will it take to build sustainable battery ecosystems, do we need a circular value chain, and from where will we get the raw materials?


We know that tackling climate risks and accelerating the transition to Net Zero is now a priority for CEOs and company boards.

But to reach our common goal, we must work together. It’s not only about our individual companies or governments, the scale and reach of the transformation is so substantial. Therefore, collective action is critical. This goes for policymakers, consumers, technology providers, and innovative business partners.

These conversations have resulted in ONS and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) coming together and jointly hosting three roundtables/panel discussions. Here we bring together committed industry leaders interested in collaboration, to address the many challenges ahead.

The second in the series will be virtually held 19 May 2022 at 16:00 CET and will ask the questions: How do we build sustainable battery ecosystems?

We present industry leaders and experts from the battery industry and technology development, in addition to academia. Among the topics will be the need for battery passports, how we secure raw materials, transparency across the value chain and if we have the necessary people and competence to make this happen.




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How do we build sustainable battery ecosystems

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