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ONS+ Energy Talks

Interested in politics, economy, climate debates and society in general? ONS+ brings some of the hottest topics from the conference arena downtown Stavanger in our new ONS+ talks concept. We guarantee high quality debates and new perspectives from industry leaders, influencers and politicians in an informal setting.

Going on for 45 years, ONS has focused on energy production, new technologies and innovative solutions, industry developments, financial aspects and political framework.

But, energy is also core of society, core of people´s welfare and at the heart of our everyday life. We can have access to energy – or we can not. Our energy can be affordable or expensive.
Clean or less clean. Energy can fuel societal welfare or favour the few. Energy is not yes or no, itś how.

ONS will expand our platform, bring people together and fuel open and frank discussions on the energy decisions that will influence society at large. Participants will be political profiles, commentators, business associations, industry, NGO ́s and the people.

ONS is a renowned platform promoting energy. We invite the players to take lead on the discussions on energy in society. The ONS+ area downtown is rigged for activity, debates and dialouge. Bring your organisation, your network and your ideas to the ONS+ area to pick up on the most pressing theme in todayś societal debates. Let`s put the polarised discussions on the table and aim to create dialouge. Letś strive to understand eachother better on energy and meet polarisation with conversations. We ́re all in this together!

This concept can also help the existing pavilions attract more visitors and create content and activity in the pavilion.

Everyone interested in energy, climate and politics will have an interest in attending.

Topics to be discussed will in general be linked to energy and society, such as industrial activities tied to energy and society, value creation in society, the future energy society, national and international climate debates and so forth.

In pavilions and onboard boats and venues along the harbour in the ONS+ area.

All three nights when the ONS+ area is open in the harbour.

We aim to have 4-5 debates each night in the harbour area, organized both by ONS and partnering organisations.