ONS takes offshore wind to new heights

ONS takes the position as the leading meeting place for offshore wind.

Having showcased and promoted discussions and exhibition of renewable energy for a decade, ONS will now lift the exhibition and conference programme about offshore wind to a new level.

– Norway needs a large, international meeting place for offshore wind and renewables. This meeting place is ONS, says CEO and president of ONS, Leif Johan Sevland.

Rapid expansion

The global offshore wind market is currently expanding at a rapid pace. IEA-estimates say offshore wind capacity may increase to attract $1 trillion of cumulative investment by 2040.

There are large synergies between oil and gas activity and offshore wind, giving huge business opportunities for the oil and gas sector. An estimated 40 percent of the lifetime cost of an offshore wind project, including construction and maintenance, has significant synergies with the offshore oil and gas sector, according to IEA.

Dedicated space

ONS is now working intensely to create dedicated space and programme for renewable energy, where offshore wind takes a big part.

– Our Renewable Markets arena aims to take the position as the leading meeting place for discussions and acceleration of offshore wind, hydrogen, and CCS. The whole value chain should be involved in the development, and ONS is working with clusters, operators, and suppliers, says Sevland.