Frequently asked questions

ONS is an institution in the Norwegian energy history and will continue to be an important part of the future landscape of energy industry.

We will continue to develop ONS as the leading global meeting place for the energy industry by:

  • Covering the entire energy mix
  • Strengthening the technology focus
  • Attracting young people to the industry

When was ONS first established and what does the name mean?

Founded in 1974, ONS was short for Offshore North Sea, as the event was targeted at companies with business in the North Sea basin. The name was later changed to Offshore Northern Seas and is commonly referred to as ONS. Today it covers the global Energy market.

What is ONS?

The ONS event is organised and governed by the ONS Foundation. As the event grew, this non-profit foundation was founded in 1982 by Statoil, Stavanger City Council, Stavanger Forum and the Norwegian Petroleum Society. The ONS event started off as an exhibition, but has developed into a global energy meeting place with a broad conference programme, exhibition and networking arena.

Is ONS only for those who work in the oil & gas industry?

ONS attracts visitors working in oil, gas, renewable energy industry and energy related business at large. Participants from all over the world gather to discuss the future, do business, discover new opportunities and connect with peers in the industry. It is important to emphasise that the business opportunities for other industries also attracts a large number of visitors from other industry segments such as banks, finance, legal service, IT, consultancy companies, etc.

Do you have to be invited to participate at ONS?

ONS is open to anyone who would like to visit the event, either as a conference delegate or a visitor to the exhibition. All you have to do is buy a ticket, either online or at the actual event. Downtown, our great afterparty, ONS+, is open to anyone and you don’t need an invitation or a ticket to visit.

Who is the ONS Conference for?

Whether you are well established in the industry or simply looking for knowledge and opportunities, the ONS Conference offers a unique platform.

The ONS Conference is known as one of the world’s most important oil, gas and energy fora, giving the delegates a peek into the future of the energy world. The ONS Conference is for anyone who would like to participate. You can either buy a one-day pass or a full week pass. The ONS Conference offers an opportunity to listen to the best and the brightest in the energy industry and beyond, including visionaries, leading experts, industry innovators.

Who can attend the ONS Centre Court?

The ONS Centre Court is included in you admission ticket. There is no need to reserve or book a seat at the Centre Court as it is run on a first-come-first-served basis.  Anyone is welcome to show up and learn about global trends across the energy ecosystem in the context of shaping a sustainable energy landscape for future societies.

What is included in the exhibition ticket to ONS?

Tickets can be bought online or at the exhibition area. No invitation is needed. Included in the ticket is admission to the exhibition that consists of 9 exhibition halls. In addition, you get access to the ONS Centre Court and the ONS Technical Sessions.

What is included in the conference ticket to ONS?

Tickets can be bought online or at the exhibition area. No invitation is needed. Included in the ticket is admission to the conference in accordance with the chosen ticket.  Whether you buy a full week pass or a day pass, you get access to the ONS Exhibition, ONS Centre Court and ONS Technical Sessions the entire week.

What is ONS Young?

ONS Young is a four-day event with various activities directed towards future students, university students and young professionals, among others. ONS Young intends to display and promote the diversity of career opportunities in the energy industry and create an important meeting place for the next generation. ONS Young attracts more than 2 500 students and young professionals and is an important arena for companies to engage with potential employees. Remember: every day is a recruiting opportunity at ONS.

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Who is invited to ONS+?

Everybody is welcome to visit ONS+, which takes place every evening after the main ONS event closes its doors. The event is open to anyone in Stavanger, whether they’ve been to the exhibition or not. ONS+ is a popular meeting place in which many find an opportunity to unwind, network and experience  culture and gastronomy in an international setting. In addition, ONS+ offers concerts, a race open to everybody and talks to keep the dialogue going.

What is ONS Technical Sessions and how does it work?

The ONS Technical Sessions represent a new way of debating the technological challenges facing the industry. The ONS Technical Committee had identified 23 challenges and we invite companies to submit their solutions to the committee. The ONS Technical Sessions will consist of approximately 120 presentations that cover all challenges.

Where is ONS 2020 held?

ONS takes place in Stavanger, Norway.

When is ONS 2020 and what are the opening hours?

The next event is 31 August – 3 September 2020

Exhibition opening hours:
Monday 31 August                 09.30 – 17.30
Tuesday 1 September            09.30 – 17.30
Wednesday 2 September      09.30 – 17.30
Thursday 3 September          09.30 – 15.00

ONS+ Opening hours:
Monday 31 August                17.00 – midnight
Tuesday 1 September           17.00 – midnight
Wednesday 2 September     17.00 – midnight

What is ONS Clean Energy Park?

The Clean Energy Park is a showroom for companies providing technologies, products and/or solutions promoting:

  • Cleaner fossil energy production
  • Smart use of energy on the petromaritime industry
  • Renewable energy production
  • Smart power development and optimisation including enabling technologies

The park will also feature relevant research institutes and innovation enablers.

About sexual laws and regulations

The ONS Foundation cares about human dignity. The purchase of sex is a form of sexualised violence in that it exploits other people’s vulnerability. It is thus a criminal act under Norwegian law, punishable with fines and/or imprisonment. We appeal to all our guest to refrain from the purchase of sex.

Where can I stay during my visit to Stavanger and ONS 2020?

To assist the ONS visitors find comfortable accommodation in Stavanger, we cooperate with hotels and private home owners to offer special rates just for the ONS participants. We advise you to book your accommodation early as both hotels and accommodation in private homes fills up quickly.

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How do I get to and from the venue?

Shuttle buses, local bus routes and taxis take you to and from the ONS venue.

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What is included in the exhibition ticket to ONS?

The exhibition ticket costs NOK 450 ( for the full week and includes:

  • ONS Technical Sessions
  • ONS Centre Court
  • ONS Young
  • ONS Exhibition