ONS 2020 – creating solutions Together

How do we operate in an increasingly polarized world? How do we handle a fast growing world population in need of affordable energy? And how do we solve the biggest challenge of our time – climate change. Urgent joint actions are required, and we need to act now.

ONS 2020 will highlight all aspects of the energy debate and aims to bring industry, academia, politicians and thought-leaders together at one of the world’s largest meeting places for energy.

This year’s main theme is Together, reflecting the development in the global society. Increased geopolitical tensions and growing energy demand must be handled together as we stand in the midst of humanity’s greatest challenge – climate change.

For four days, starting 31 August to 3 September, ONS 2020 will be center of the world´s energy discussions.

ONS 2020 will have even more content than before, with a total of 9 conference stages. Our ONS Exhibition will showcase the most innovative and exciting companies in the energy industry from operators, suppliers, tech- and start-up companies.
Our after-hours area, ONS +, will provide a brand-new arena downtown Stavanger harbour for debates and networking.

We are certain that ONS 2020 will give you knowledge, insight and new networks in a unique atmosphere.

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