Offshore photo exhibiton coming to ONS 2018

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work offshore? Photojournalist Marie Von Krogh spent over two years documenting the life of offshore workers, both at home and at sea. In August her work will be displayed in the ONS Exhibition.

Photojournalist Marie Von Krogh

Marie Von Krogh moved to Stavanger as a student nearly 20 years ago. She became fascinated by all the families that adapt to an offshore/onshore routine as a natural part of life.

Over the years she did several press tours to platforms and rigs, covering ministerial visits and other happenings. However, she knew nothing

about the people working at sea. Krogh wanted to learn their stories and how their life was affected by the intense working periods offshore and the weeks off, with their families and everyday life at home.

–   It has been interesting to see how individuals behave when they are on an isolated and thoroughly regulated workplace out at sea. The constant shifting between offshore, with its detailed instructions and safety procedures, and the unconditional freedom on land. This is a story about how an occupation can shape a dualistic lifestyle. But most of all about who you are as a person over and above what it says in the job instructions, Krogh says.

Krogh’s exhibition “Oljeliv / Offshore ID” is displayed in the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger. The exhibition, that  opened in January, is a collaboration with filmmaker Sigmund Trageton and consists of 41 photographs, a documentary, a VR-movie, sound recordings and essays.