Developing new partnerships – SXSW coming up!

The ONS Foundation is partnering with select organisations to further strengthen the exchange of ideas, learning and relations between industry, government and society. The purpose is to build longer term relationship with institutions that are world class within their area. This will help broaden the ONS network, strengthen the ONS programme, and contribute to regular activities and networking opportunities between the ONS main conferences.

Anne Ekern, Partnership Project Manager, says that ONS is working strategically on building partnerships and partnership activities primarily related to the following topics: Norwegian Continental Shelf, energy security, sustainability, new energy and technology.

-The ONS Foundation is selectively looking to partner with prominent institutions where a long-term relationship and collaborative events offer a win-win for both. As a partner with different organizations, ONS facilitates broader energy discussions by hosting events at different venues and on different topics, thereby also meeting new audiences. Our partners are invited to host events at our main conference in Stavanger, says Anne Ekern.

Global events
The ONS Foundation holds a strong global brand position within energy, and the strategy is to further strengthen this.

-We act as a platform for open discussions and would like to bring influencers together and take energy discussions to a new level, now also through select partnerships, says Ekern.

Within 2019, ONS will have hosted own and co-shared side events in Doha, Reykjavik, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Oslo and Houston on topics such as Energy Innovation, Solar Energy, Arctic transportation routes and China and the global energy transition.

SXSW in 2020
ONS just received approval to host a Meet Up during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, March 2020. ´Technologies renewing the energy industry´ is the theme for the event, which will be hosted in collaboration with Cognite, a Norwegian company founded in 2016 to meet the demands of industrial digitalization globally.

-SXSW is frequently recognized as the world largest technology conference, embracing all tech areas from industrial to creative technologies applied within the film and music industries, says Ekern.

The Meet up falls under the Tech Industry & Enterprise track, where Innovators and executives from a variety of industries will discuss the evolving landscape of technology-driven products and services in the B2B and B2C markets places.

-We hope the Meet Up will be a great exchange of technological ideas and innovative ways of working to make progress in the energy industry, says Ekern.

The ONS ambition is to host 12-15 partnership events running up to ONS 2020, contributing to new knowledge and ideas, speakers and audiences being brought back to the main event in Stavanger , 31 August – 3 September.