Let's put the spotlight on inventors

The future of the international oil, gas and energy industry depends increasingly on its ability to develop new technologies. What are some of the emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the way energy is produced and used?

Interview with Gordon Ballard

The first ONS Innovation Award was presented in 1982. The winner was Norwegian Contractors for Condeep – a gravity-based structure for a platform built from reinforced concrete instead of steel. In 2004 the SME Innovation Award was established to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises weregiven the chance to highlight their new developments.

A total of 26 companies have been recognised by the ONS Innovation Award juries for their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. We spoke to member of the Innovation Award jury 2018, Gordon Ballard, Executive Directorof The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) about the importance of innovation awards.

How important is an innovation award to gain visibility in the market?

“You could say that successful innovation is a reward in itself, providing a competitive edge in terms of better outcomes, greater efficiencies and, ultimately higher profits. But what about the emotional gratification of peer recognition as a spur to even greater triumphs?  That’s why I’m pleased to serve on the judging panel of the ONS 2018 Innovation Awards.  It raises awareness of innovation as an essential part of the upstream oil and gas business and puts a well-deserved spotlight on those inventors, entrepreneurs, suppliers and contractors who have proven themselves to be leaders in innovation.”

Gordon Ballard, Executive Director of The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

To what extent can the award contribute to increased international visibility?

“As Executive Director of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, my point of view is, by definition, global.  Our association is dedicated to identifying and sharing good practice to achieve improvements in health, safety, the environment, security, efficiency and social responsibility. Awards help to further these efforts, as we have discovered through IOGP’s own collaboration with the SPE on our Outstanding Young Professional Award.  No country or region has a monopoly on great new ideas and the ONS Innovation Awards have been making that powerful point for decades.”

How attractive is the Norwegian technology cluster from an international point of view?

“At IOGP, we’ve long had a high regard for Norwegian technological prowess.  We still do. Decades after the first discoveries in Norwegian waters, the country’s supply industry is still demonstrating cutting-edge expertise and solutions that have a positive impact globally.  Recent breakthroughs, including those on digitalization and decarbonisation, are particularly relevant to IOGP’s work.”

The deadline for entry to the ONS Innovation Award 2018 is 20 May 2018. Enter here.