Less weight- less costs

Typhonix won the ONS SME Innovation Award in 2018. We had a chat with them one year after the award was received.

Typhonix´low shear flow control system reduces turbulence and shear forces in valves so that downstream separation efficiency is improved. The system is a cost-efficient way to debottleneck separation systems and produced water treatment systems, without adding chemicals or additional equipment.
– Itś like putting a trimming set inside your moped. You take something out and replace it with something new in which makes your system go faster and smoother, without adding weight says Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll, CEO in Typhonix.
Since receiving the ONS Innovation Award one year ago, the company has sold a lot of systems worldwide, closing up to 40 units sold.

– Our vision is that our low shear valves is used as a standard component in the industry, says Engelsvoll. This will give the industry significantly smaller and more efficient process plants.
He compares it with the car industry changing its standards from steel- to aluminum alloys.
– It saves weight and cost, explains Engelsvoll.

The company is now developing new products, such as another valve technology reducing the degrading of polymers, used to increase oil production. The product will be field tested early next year.
In addition, a new system used for separation of biowaste is developed together with Norwegian operator of waste.

– The ONS Innovation Award gives us positive attention, especially internationally. We use the award actively when we present the company, and I believe it makes people look twice at us, says engineering manager, Niels van Teeffelen.