Theme for ONS 2020: Together

Each event has a main theme which helps set the agenda for the discussions at ONS. The main theme for ONS 2020 is Together. Because what is needed right now, is actions from a united energy industry. Read the reflections behind the theme below.

The energy industry is not unaccustomed to change, but we are now facing a reality far more complex than ever before – and with completely new facets. An increase in geopolitical uncertainty. A digital revolution. Technological quantum leaps. And a growing world population demanding clean energy. It is now urgent to take actions and find solutions.

A whole new level of knowledge, adaptability and team spirit will be required as we gear up for the future.

“As energy companies we have a responsibility to work together with governments, industries, companies and individuals to ensure access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for the world’s population. We also have a social responsibility, and together we need to make commitments to corporate citizenship and future generations in communities and regions where we operate.”

Manoelle Lepoutre, Chair of Conference Committee.

The pressure is building up
While climate change is on top of the agenda, ensuring access to affordable and reliable energy for the world’s population is another of the great challenges for mankind. How can we produce the cleanest kinds of energy and phase out the worst? How do we make a positive impact for individuals, communities and the environment?

Increasing geopolitical pressure on energy markets, greater uncertainty and higher volatility are now the name of the game. The threat of economic and commercial disruptions is constantly looming. How can we act in unison to stabilise the situation? And who are the leaders who can lay the foundation for coordinated solutions?

Joining forces for better business
The energy industry has the tools to meet global development challenges with business solutions and commitments. By providing viable solutions, making profits and being responsible. In other words: using our muscles as a force for progress.

Producing energy is all about collaboration. The industry has long traditions of joint planning and investment. Collaborating to fuel technological development. Cooperating with other industries. Taking responsibility as parts of value chains where all stakeholders are equally dependent on each other. And seeking even smarter, greener and more cost-effective solutions – together. Let us cultivate team spirit.

But how do we cooperate and at the same time compete in the market?

People first and last
Technology does not just evolve. It is people who innovate. So, securing access to competence and resources is a win or lose situation for the energy industry. To be the best, the best heads are needed. How do we attract the new generation – and keep them? How can we tip the scales in favour of energy?

Disruption from digital industrialisation, robots and automatisation may be seen as a threat, but could these changes also help us attract new generations to the industry? Sharing information and technology, as well as innovating new collaboration models, could be mechanisms to invite the younger generation in. Let us speed up the pace of innovation and push for cleaner energy solutions with help from the up-and-coming generation.

Doing nothing will get us nowhere
We are energy optimists and believe energy can be delivered to everyone in a sustainable manner. By innovating. By making tough decisions and taking urgent actions.

We call upon governments, industry, companies and individuals to come together and reinvent the term ‘joint venture’. Let us contribute and cooperate to create a new energy future. Together.

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