How to win the Best Stand Award

The benefits of a great stand are obvious. You get recognised, you attract relevant visitors, and you are aided by the stand’s message and design to communicate and sell your products.

The Best Stand Award was first presented in 1988. In 2010 the award was divided in two – for stands larger and smaller than 50 square metres.

With over 1000 exhibitors covering 25.000 square meters, we recognise the need to stand out and attract visitors to your stand.

You do not have to sign up to compete for the Best Stand Awards – all exhibitors are automatically qualified to become winners.

Less is more
According to Cato Meling, former winner of the Best Stand Award with Statoil now Head of Conference at ONS, there are several key aspects to keep in mind if you are hoping to win the award.

“You need to be eye-catching, to do something clever. Large or small doesn’t matter, but keep in mind that less is more. If done properly, this will work as a magnet that both sets you apart from the crowd and attracts visitors to your stand. But your most important feature is the stand personnel. Friendly, knowledgeable and polite personnel is also something the jury emphasizes”, Says Meling.

Criteria for Best Stand Award

  • Overall and integrated design
  • Concept, message, product information, purpose with the stand and reference to the ONS theme – Innovate
  • The allocation of space
  • Creative use of presentation tools
  • Credibility and integrity of the stand
  • Staff manning the stand’s knowledge of concept, message and identity of the business
  • The stand’s function as a meeting place
  • Creativity used in order to attract attention

Winners Best Stand ONS 2016

The Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, handed out the two awards for ONS 2016. The jury said the following about the winning stands:

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate/Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
“A surprising and original exhibition, using the design of an old fashion library to communicate the petroleum resource data base – and its transition from books to bytes. All labeled under the catchy slogan “The Norwegian Continental Shelves.”

“A small, sophisticated and colourful exhibition, presenting equipment to secure clean air under extreme working conditions. Dedicated and well dressed staff offering their competence and enthusiastic guidance to their products.”

We congratulate the winners!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury

Best stand juryA competent jury use time, dedication and skills to find, select and award the two best stands. During the ONS week, the jury for Best Stand Awards will be working with discretion, but jurors will make themselves known if they consider it necessary.

The jury is composed of qualified individuals from institutions and companies working with communication, marketing, architecture and design.

Foto Finn E web

Finn E. Krogh
Museum Director
Norwegian Petroleum Museum


Håvard Tonning Austvoll

Architect, Marafu Arkitekter
Stavanger Architect Association


Milfrid Haavardsholm Web

Milfrid Håvardsholm
Brand Consultant, Knowit Stavanger
Stavanger Marketing Association



Ole Petter Søllesvik
Managing Director, Kulturkompaniet
Rogaland Communication Association


Gunn Elin S. Birkenes. Web

Gunn Elin Birkenes
Interior Architect, Alliance Architectural Studio
Rogaland Interior Architects Association MNIL