How to succeed in international markets?

Companies must consider many aspects before expanding their business to international markets. Good timing, international competition and integration into a different culture are also critical to this process.

Do your homework

Going international takes preparation and education. In 2016, the Norwegian service and supply industry had a total turnover of NOK 378 billion, of which NOK 132 billion came from international markets. Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) provides support to the whole energy industry in Norway. ONS International Markets, presented by NORWEP takes place during ONS and consists of several half-day market sessions focusing on:

  • Latest market intelligence on upcoming projects
  • Technology needs
  • Operational challenges

The conference will cover the following countries/regions: 

  • Brazil
  • Middle East
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • China
  • Malaysia/India
  • Canada
  • Ghana
  • Australia

Meet key people from the operators and industry seniors, introducing you to business opportunities and challenges in each market. Hear from NORWEP’s local Energy Advisors and Directors on how to do business, local requirements and strategies. Gain a deep understanding of your targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, and the requirements to successfully launch and drive growth internationally.


Access for attendance to International Markets can be purchased once you have booked your tickets either to the ONS Conference or the ONS Exhibition. Get your tickets for International Markets here. 


The organisation aims strengthening the long-term basis for value creation and employment in the energy industry and is the Norwegian government’s most important tool for promoting the Norwegian energy industry in international markets.

Supporting NORWEP is the Norwegian government, major industry associations and more than 250 industry partners. With an extensive international network and local advisers in key markets, NORWEP is identifying new business opportunities and opening doors for the Norwegian energy industry around the world.