How do we make innovation happen?

Innovative thinking and collaboration can be encouraged and rewarded, or in many formal and subtle ways discouraged. How do we get it right?

A company’s ability to innovate is critical to drive growth and meet strategic objectives. But not all companies can be Apple or Google. So how can large, complex companies develop and sustain a culture of innovation? How do successful leaders stimulate such culture, and how can companies attract and retain individuals that are passionate about innovation?

At the conference session “Leadership: Stimulate to innovate” we will hear from one of the leading researchers on product innovation, Christoph Loch. He is a specialist in the field of innovation, and currently holds the position as Dean (director) of the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School. Professor Loch was previously Chaired Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD, where he also served as Dean of the PhD programme and as the director of the INSEAD Israel Research Center.

In 2012, Professor Loch was identified in a benchmarking study as one of the top 10 innovation researchers worldwide. A priority of Loch’s is sustainability, which he has identified as a major business challenge – but also, one of the biggest opportunities of our time. In an interview with TopMBA Loch said the following:

“I believe it will become the management challenge of the 21st Century. Companies will have to learn to take into account the impact they have on society and the world.”

We are looking forward to hearing more about Loch’s research on the management of innovation processes, including innovation strategy and the motivation of professional project workers.