127 applicants to the ONS Innovation Award

Innovation is a gateway to growth and the energy industry has made some impressive advances over the past decade. According to the number of applications for the ONS Innovation Award, innovation in the oil and energy industry isn’t slowing down. This year we received 127 applications for our innovation awards.

Tarjei Nødtvedt Malme, Chair of the ONS Innovation Award Jury.

“The jury is pleased that we received so many nominations for the awards. We are eager to dig into the exiting technology and innovations and look for those that truly stand out to challenge us and move our industry forward. It is an inspiration to see the level ofcreativity and new ideas from companies,large and small, well known or newcomers to our industry,” says Tarjei Nødtvedt Malme, Chair of the ONS Innovation Award Jury.


“Companies that prioritise innovation will have a strong competitive advantage. Investing in research and development is an important part of innovation and we are pleased to see such a large number of applicants for the ONS Innovation Award,” says CEO at ONS, Leif Johan Sevland.

Through the Innovation Awards ONS recognise the crucial importance of cutting-edge products and solutions. The awards reflect our long-standing commitment to presenting and promoting innovative ideas to the international oil, gas and energy industry. The awards ceremony is held at the conference session “Leadership: Stimulate to innovate” on Tuesday 28 August.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury

The jurors of the ONS Innovation Awards for 2018 consist of industry experts, R&D professionals and top executives. Together they’ll sift through the list of nominees and boil it down to about 20 finalists in each category.

Tarjei Nødtvedt Malme (Chair), Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment
Norwegian Research Council

Anngjerd Pleym, Head of Department Siemens Norge

Ellen Braune, Head of Drilling & Wells Wintershall Norge AS

Gordon Ballard, Executive Director The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)

Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer National Oilwell Varco

Heidi Fuglum, Country Managing Director GEA Norway

Kalmar Ildstad, Assistant Director for Development and Operations in the Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Trond Unneland, Executive Unneland Energy Inc

The ONS Innovation Awards are an important part of ONS. The high number of applications for these awards bears witness to the potential prestige for the winning enterprises.

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