Going to ONS? Maximise your participation

The ONS app will assist you before and during the event. You can see the most important info, get to know the venue map, and chat with other attendees. More importantly, you can connect with other visitors through our brand new matchmaking tool.

Soon you’ll be able to download your ONS 2020 App via the Appstore or Googleplay and make the most out of your visit to ONS 2020.

Looking for something?

The Explore feature of the ONS 2020 app helps you search for companies, speakers, company’s side events, food, you name it! Need directions? Make sure you’re on the right track through our digital indoor navigation maps. The Search feature is easy to use and makes your week at ONS a lot smoother.

Check out our programme and check in

From the Programme overview, it’s easy to see what’s going on, when and where. You can view the programme either chronologically, or by filtering conference arenas. Presentations or sessions that interest you can be added to your calendar, using our bookmarking feature and then get notifications when the events are about to start. Want to share your attendance? Check in can be done at all ONS events.


Smile! Say ‘Bonjour’ to your community by taking fun selfies in our in-app Photobooth that you can share on social media. You can even broadcast them to the ONS photo library.

It’s all about connecting people

Putting exhibitors and visitors in contact is the overriding objective of ONS. This is the social network of your event where you can find your desired contacts and message them directly. Take advantage of our multi-profile system that enables our messaging and meeting scheduling solutions. Search for contacts, invite them and add the accepted meetings to your agenda.

Our matchmaking process ensures that participants can request, manage and schedule meetings efficiently.

  • See who’s attending
    Your participants and their profiles are visible to event attendees.
  • Request & schedule on-site meetings
    Participants can request meetings with each other. Meetings are scheduled by the organiser or the participants themselves by choosing time slots.
  • Messaging
    Participants that start networking can exchange messages directly with each other.

Our matchmaking tool matches visitors, exhibitors and speakers based on their profiles so, start building your profile using the My ONS function. Import your LinkedIn profile or fill in manually – it’s easy!  Then go on to connect with interesting attendees and book meetings at the Meet at ONS areas

Access to the ONS matchmaking is included in all of our ticket types.

We care about your data privacy

Participants data will only be used by the ONS app as reasonably required for providing matchmaking services as described. Both ONS and our developer will comply in all material respects with the Data Privacy regulations and rules. ONS will not disclose or share personally identifiable information collected through the app with any third party.