GCE NODE showcasing cutting-edge technologies at ONS 2018

GCE NODE will host a 210 square meter area in Hall 9 at ONS 2018. The sold-out pavilion will comprise of 12 NODE-companies, the University of Agder and Mechatronics Innovation Lab.


Ann Marchioro, Project Manager, GCE NODE

“ONS is the world’s second largest oil expo with more than 1 200 exhibitors and an important arena for profiling NODE-companies, cutting-edge innovation, technologies, products and services as well as the Agder Region”, says Ann Marchioro, Project Manager at Global Center of Expertise (GCE) NODE.

In addition to the 12 companies at NODE’s joint pavilion, another 23 NODE-companies will be participating at the ONS Exhibition with their own stands. According to Marchioro, NODE aims to make this year’s presence even better than two years ago.

“We are pleased to be hosting such a wide variety of companies and first-rate technologies at this year’s ONS joint pavilion. There will be a significant increase in activities and company presentations as well as keynotes. Mechatronics Innovation Lab will showcase three different types of robots, while mechatronic students from the University of Agder will demonstrate 3D printing,” Marchioro says.

Meet Air Products at the NODE pavilion
Air Products is one of 12 companies that will be exhibiting at the NODE pavilion at ONS 2018. The company is a leading manufacturer of gas processing systems for shipboard, offshore and land-based applications and the first company to commercialise hollow fibre membranes for nitrogen separation onboard ships and offshoreb installations. Air Products sees ONS as a key meeting place to engage with clients and get feedback on their products.

“This event provides us with the opportunity to efficiently meet and gain feedback from many of our key clients with most of them present in one location. We see ONS as a “heart monitor” of the Offshore business segment, and we look forward to some updated readings at the end of August”, says Hallgeir Angel, Technical Sales Manager, Engineered Nitrogen Systems at Air Products.

The Kristiansand-based company was also part of NODE’s joint pavilion two years ago and was one of five

Hallgeir Angel, Technical Sales Manager, Engineered Nitrogen Systems, Air Products

finalists for the ONS 2016 Innovation Award, with their “CO2 Capture by Membrane Technology”. Since then, the company has continued its work on novel membrane applications in the offshore business segment, and their Membrane Technology is currently being matured. At ONS 2018 they will present new and optimised solutions.

“Air Products has during the past two years developed new cost-efficient approaches and solutions, out-competing the “Engineer to Order” approaches traditionally seen in our industry. However, our main Focus this year is to leverage our field proven and “turnkey” solution for a market ready to bounce back”, Angel says.

Pavilions: greater exposure at a reasonable cost
According to Ann Marchioro at GCE NODE, joint pavilions are ideal for small and medium-sized companies, as it offers greater exposure and value creation at a reasonable cost. Hallgeir Angel couldn’t agree more.

“Being part of GCE NODE at ONS provides us with excellent opportunities for networking with other local businesses, gaining valuable insights in market developments and intelligence. For us NODE stands out as a catalyst for increasing regional competitiveness, and enabler for increased business opportunities. The framework provided by NODE for ONS is an excellent opportunity for companies looking for an effective and lean approach to the exhibition. NODE enables increased attention and potential over the “stand alone” exhibition approach”.

Exhibiting companies at GCE NODE’s Pavilion:

  • Air Products
  • Castor Drilling Solution/Stimline – Rig of the Future
  • Engineering Systems
  • Global Ocean Technology
  • Mechatronic Innovation Lab (MIL)
  • Norac
  • Norce (IRIS Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre)
  • Nymo
  • Pentagon Freight Services
  • Telaris
  • Telenor Maritime
  • Tratec Halvorsen
  • Voca / Optilift
  • University of Agder


Global Center of Expertise (GCE) NODE is a cluster of companies that supply world-leading technology, products and services to the global energy and maritime industries. The cluster comprise of 98 companies in the Southern part of Norway. NODE’s focus is on building competency and R&D cooperation with national and international partners. GCE NODE is part of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program.