Free entrance for apprentices at ONS 2018

At ONS 2018 we welcome the next generation of oil and gas professionals – and invite apprentices to participate at Future Students’ Days at ONS Young. Apprentices will also get free access to visit the ONS Exhibition all four days, with presentations at Centre Court and Technical Sessions included.

Ann Sæland, Chief HR Officer, Aibel

“This is a good initiative, and we will definitely bring some of our apprentices to ONS. Apprenticeships are a great way to give young people opportunities to develop, and at the same time recruiting talent to our organisation,” says Ann Sæland, Chief HR Officer at Aibel.

ONS Young – a meeting place for the next generation in the industry
ONS Young is a conference arena with a four-day programme for pupils at lower and upper secondary school, university students and young professionals in the industry. The idea behind this conference arena is to provide relevant information about the industry, and to create an important meeting place for the next generation in the industry.

“Attracting young, talented minds is vital to drive innovation and transformation in the oil and energy industry. ONS Young is the perfect arena to meet like-minded young professionals and establish ties with people you could be working with in the future”, Leif Johan Sevland, ONS President and CEO says.

Aibel apprentice, Janicke Jaisua

Aibel has a long apprentice tradition and has over the years contributed to educate several hundred new skilled workers.

“We have approximately 80 apprentices at Aibel right now, in both mechanical and white-collar disciplines. Most of them are employed by us after they receive their certificates. ONS 2018 will be an excellent place to introduce apprentices to the industry,” Sæland says.

ONS Exhibition – four days of inspiration and learning
At ONS 2018, nine exhibition halls will be filled with more than 1 200 companies from all over the world. The Exhibition offers endless opportunities to share knowledge, get updated on the newest technical solutions and connect with company representatives.

“We want to give apprentices the opportunity to meet and engage with the international energy community. Attending presentations and Centre Court and Technical Sessions is a great way to learn about energy in future societies and get updated on the activities and projects on the NCS – our hope is to inspire the apprentices, show them the diversity of the energy industry and the endless career opportunities that is available to them”, Sevland says.