- We need a united response

-There is a gap between the desired sustainable development, and the actions taken today by politicians, enterprises and individuals. To close the gaps, it is important that all key players address these issues, said Microsoft´s Norwegian CEO, Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, in a recent interview with ONS Newsletter.

Less than 10 months away, our hard working Clean Energy committee members and its Chair, Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, are sharing their thoughts on the theme and program for Centre Court arena at ONS 2020.

-I want the ONS Centre Court arena to enlighten, challenge and provoke. I want people to be engaged, raise their hands and voice their opinions, Kimberly said.

20 members
The ONS Clean Energy Committee counts 20
strong leaders as members. They have been drawn to one idea as the theme: “From Apart to Together – closing the gaps to a sustainable (energy) future”.

-The background is to start with the “un-sustainability” of today and the dilemmas that we
are faced with. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are still increasing – and a growing and developing population require much more clean energy production, Kimberly Lein-Mathisen said.

Face challenges
So, how do we meet the challenges and dilemmas facing us?

-We need to address the major sources of CO2 emissions from oil & gas and other heavy industries, transportation, agriculture, buildings, etc…we need to make changes to how we live today, and address major differences in the standard of living and cultural and structural norms, she said.

The progressive Microsoft CEO says that the next step is to look at the powerful drivers and disruptors that can contribute to close the relevant gaps.

-We need a toolbox for change. We want to show how to build our future society – balancing each stakeholders incentives and fostering a willingness to give and take. We need to create a sense of urgency and steer a course of impactful actions, Lein-Mathisen said, and promises to highlight a path to more closed gaps than open ones at next year’s exchange of insights at ONS Centre Court.