Welcome to the ONS Festival!

During the ONS Festival, Stavanger Harbour will be transformed into a small urban village with pavilions offering food and entertainment. Entrance is free and everyone’s welcome- come join us!

The ONS Festival makes ONS an event unlike any other in this industry. Our aim is to offer our guests an arena for social networking in the evenings. The festival area is located on the quayside alongside the city’s intimate harbour. This has proven to be the perfect meeting place for mixing business with pleasure.

The Festival Pavilions

The pavilions consist of international guest cities, Norwegian regional pavilions and companies all offering their unique food, drink and entertainment from their respective parts of the world.

In 2018, the following pavilions were represented:

  • Northern Norway Region
  • Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Houston, TX
  • Florø Region
  • Lervig Brewery
  • Apply Sørco
  • Lister Region
  • Telemark Region
  • Kristiansund Region

If you are a group and want to be guaranteed a spot at a pavilion, you may contact and book at the pavilion directly, contact:

The ONS Concerts

The ONS concerts are popular events for the people of Stavanger and the ONS exhibitors and visitors. Every concert attracts huge crowds who come to enjoy the well-known artists on stage.

The Opening Concert

ONS hosts an opening concert for invited guests in Stavanger Concert Hall the first evening of ONS. This is an important networking event and offers entertainment of high quality consisting of renowned as well as up and coming new artists.
See programme for info on how to get tickets.

The ONS Concert

The ONS Concert takes place on the last night, Wednesday, in the ONS week. It is located in the harbour of Stavanger, right next to our Festival pavilions. The concert attracts large crowds of local people as well as international guests visiting Stavanger and ONS.

In 2018, AURORA headlined the ONS concert in cooperation with Shell.

Run for Fun

ONS organises one of the biggest road races in the Stavanger region. Between 1500 – 2000 runners, young and old, participate every race. The race is open for everyone in the region and is a family- event with over 40% children participating.

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The ONS Fireworks

The ONS fireworks are well known and loved by ONS attendants – as well as the citizens of Stavanger. The fireworks starts immediately after the ONS Concert, approximately at 22.30.

ONS is grateful for the cooperation and support from the hotels, restaurants and bars – our fireworks sponsors.