The Festival Alliance

For companies that want to benefit fully from the potential of the ONS Festival, the answer is to join the Festival Alliance. Participating in the Festival Alliance gives your company the possibility to take an important and visible position when the global energy industry comes to Stavanger. Your participation and engagement will be noted by authorities, the industry and the inhabitants of Stavanger.

The members of the Festival Alliance are a key element in the festival. Members are oil companies, contractors and other companies involved in the industry.

Festival Alliance members are profiled as co-hosts of the ONS Festival and they are considered an important contributor to the continuous improvement of the ONS Festival. This is published in advertisements, in printed material and on the website. Members are also offered tickets for various ONS events and get access to networking events.

Some members host a pavilion in the festival area, where they offer food, drink and entertainment. Members are also prioritized to get the best mooring areas in the inner harbour. Members invite guests and entertain them on board. Some companies also use boats for accommodation.


Membership benefits

Festival Alliance membership grants the member benefits in the following areas:

Benefits in the Festival area:

  • First-priority to host a pavilion in the festival area (allocated on a first-come-first-served-basis)
  • First-priority to dock a boat in the inner harbor.
  • Reduced docking fee up to 50 ft.

Profiling rights:

  • Logo profiling in the harbor in connection with the concert.
  • Logo profiling in the Festival programme.
  • Logo profiling on the ONS webpage.
  • Logo profiling in the exhibit area in connection with Festival information.
  • The Alliance member will otherwise be exposed as ONS sees fit such as on banners in the festival-area, in the exhibition-area and otherwise in connection with festival-information where ONS considers it suitable.
  • The Alliance member is free to use its membership for own marketing purposes. Pictures and logos are available through ONS.

Networking benefits:

  • Invitation to the Opening Concert and reception.
  • Invitation to take part in the Festival Committee.
  • Invitations to various ONS- networking events before and during ONS.

Ticket rights:

  • 5 tickets to the Opening Concert. First-priority to book extra tickets in advance.
  • 10 tickets to the exhibition.
  • 2 tickets to the Conference (excl.Opening Ceremony)
  • A representative from the company will be invited to the Opening Ceremony.

Festival Alliance members