Exposure at ONS opened doors for Magseis

The company Magseis made an impact at ONS 2014. They were noticed by IHS Markit, who organises the prestigious CERAWeek conference in Houston. As a result, Magseis was invited to present their technology at CERAWeek this year.

Magseis participated at ONS 2014 as an exhibitor at the ONS Innovation Park and as a nominee for the ONS Innovation Awards.

CEO at Magseis, Idar Horstad and the light, robust and high spec MASS node. Photo: Magseis ASA.

”The exposure at ONS 2014 had a good effect. We managed to create a buzz about our technology and Magseis as an innovative company,” says CEO Idar Horstad.

Magseis is a Norwegian geophysical company who has developed an effective Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) acquisition system named MASS (Marine Autonomous Seismic System). MASS significantly reduces the time and cost of gathering seismic data. The system can operate in water depths of up to 3000 metres, and an automated handling system applying ABB robots provides efficient and safe operations.
(See images of the technology at the top of this page. Source: Magseis ASA).

“Participating at ONS was part of our marketing strategy, and we wanted to promote both the company and the OBS technology. One direct result was being discovered by CERAWeek. They asked ONS for help to connect with us, and this year we got the chance to present our technology at CERAWeek,” Horstad explains.

Idar Horstad from Magseis presenting at CERAWeeek 2017.

The company is now preparing 4D survey in the North Sea for ConocoPhillips and has recently completed a 9 months long assignment for Saudi Aramco at the S-78 project in the Red Sea and Magseis recently been awarded an extension of the contract. The CEO expects continued growth in the coming years:

“We have an excellent reputation for high quality data and is established as the lowest cost supplier in our industry. The market is expected to increase over the next years and we have long pipeline of leads,” Horstad concludes.

Idar Horstad explains the technology
See interview with Magseis CEO Idar Horstad at CERAWeek.

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