Expanding the ONS catalogue

These two are going to help build ONS Renewable markets and Start-up stage as high quality arenas in the expanding ONS catalogue.

Marcus Hølland Eikeland and Inger Lise Aarrestad Rettedal are on board and well ahead in their projects.

Eikeland will be heading up the brand new ONS start-up stage «Corporates. Scale-ups. Together». Rettedal will be focusing on building the Renewable markets arena, lifting renewables to new heights at ONS 2020.

Scale-ups meet corporates

Going on 45 years, ONS has focused on new technology & innovation in the energy sector. At ONS 2020, we will expand the platform and bring together even more of the innovators, technologists and economists who are helping to shape tomorrow’s super growth companies.

– ONS is gathering thousands of established companies at ONS.  The ambition is now to also be a platform where the corporates and the scale-ups can meet to exchange ideas, find common interests and explore future business opportunities. We are excited to get the work started, says Eikeland.

Highlighting renewables

ONS 2020 will lift renewables and low carbon solutions to new heights with a brand new venue and a programme covering offshore wind, solar energy, CCS, hydrogen, energy storage and more.

With a strong focus on offshore wind, the programme for ONS Renewable Markets is being developed in collaboration with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster. In line with ONS 2020`s main theme “Together”, the Renewable Market venue seeks to enable cross-industry collaboration.

– ONS is taking a strong position on renewables and low carbon solutions, and it’s an honour to help them reach their ambitions on these topics. So, ONS 2020 – bring it on, says Rettedal.

A big welcome to them both!