Become a part of the ONS exhibition through pavilions. These pavilions are a great way to broaden
the reach of your company and an exciting way to grow your presence in the energy industry.

For some companies, it is natural to join a pavilion rather than exhibiting on their own at ONS. It is practical, since the pavilion owners take care of much of the preparations.

Joining a pavilion gives the exhibitors the same access to the ONS meeting place, and provides additional marketing. Pavilions are often a stepping-stone for companies that may eventually become independent exhibitors.

If you are interested in exhibiting in one of the national or regional pavilions, please contact the specified organiser directly.

Check out the video of Ghana Trade Mission’s very positive visit to ONS 2018

Country pavilions 2020

Atlantic Canada Pavilion
Brad Kendell
Stand: 5270
China Pavilion
Zoe Zuo
Stand: 5470
Pavillion of Denmark
Organized by Danish Export - Oil & Gas
Berit Madsen
Stand: 5400
Official Danish Pavilion
Organized by Offshore Denmark
Linda Bachmann Tosti
Stand: 5450
Dutch pavilion
Wasilika Pupovac
Stand: 5150
Enterprise Estonia
Piret Loorand
Stand: 5350
Finland Pavilion
Pinja Häkkinen
Stand: 5200
French Pavilion
Evolven - Energy made in France
Chantal Burlot
German Pavilion
Organized by German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Tereza Kjos
Stand: 3500A,3500B,3500C
Government of Western Australia
Charlotta Andresson
Stand: 5305
Italian Pavilion
Organized by Trade Agency ITA/ICE
Corrado Cipollini
Stand: 5360
Korea Pavilion
Organized by Interfairs Co., Ltd.
Emily Byeon
5048, 5506
Russian Pavilion - organised by RESTEC Exhibition company
Elena Rytova
Stand: 2100
Scottish Pavilion
Camilla Tew
Stand: 5120A, 5120B, 5120C
UK Pavilion
Camilla Tew
Stand: 5320A

Partner pavilions 2020

ONS Innovation Park
Inger Lise Rismark
Stand: 8300

Norwegian regional pavilions 2020

Global Center of Expertise NODE
Ann Marchioro
Stand: 9180
Christian M. Bachke
Stand: 2170A,2170B,2170C
Western Norway Pavilion
Audun Erik Sunde
Stand: 7180
Energy Valley
Benedicte Tangen
Stand: 7550
Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune
Åse Lill Nordhus Barstad
Xplore North Pavilion
Mona Hassfjord
Stand: 1072